How Steve Perlman's "Revolutionary" Wireless Technology Works - and Why its a Bigger Deal than Anyone Realizes

Before I get into the technical evaluation of Artemis's demo videos and much-ballyhooed claims in the press, let's cut through the hype:

  • Is this going to revolutionize wireless communications? While these demos alone don't necessarily demonstrate speeds beyond what is theoretically capable with LTE systems today, I ...

Reducing the Cost of Solar Energy

My previous post discussed the erroneous reasoning that has led some commentators to believe that there's a Moore's Law for solar; there isn't.  Electrons are a massive commodity industry, and the only way solar energy will gain any significant market share is if becomes cost-competitive with natural ...

Henry Samueli, Co-founder of Broadcom

Henry Samueli (otherwise known as the 'good Henry' to Broadcom investors) recently gave a talk about the origins of Broadcom and his research.

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or download the MP3 here.

Some excerpts:

  • He worked at TRW (a defense contractor) on military broadband radios for ...

the Mythical Moore's Law for Solar Energy

It's understandable when people without any scientific or industry experience to talk about a Moore's Law for solar energy, but those who understand the technology should know better.  The reason it's so easy to fall into the trap of believing this is due to the superficial similarities ...

the Diffusion of Innovations, or Lack Thereof

Everett Rogers wrote the classic work on the difficulties of

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spreading new ideas and solutions, none more elucidating than the case of the British Navy and the cure to scurvy ...

A Look Inside a Busted Gas Turbine

I was touring a 300 megawatt natural gas combined-cycle power plant

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last year, when my friend mentioned that one of the turbines had been replaced due to damage. "Oh - what ...

how the Wright brothers invented the airplane


As author Lester Garber has noted, there were a number of key

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breakthroughs the brothers had to make:

  • recognizing that problems of stability and control must be solved before attacking ...

a look at the new Mars Rover

I got a glimpse of the new Mars rover, Curiosity, in the clean room while taking a tour of the JPL a few months ago. Unlike the last Mars rover, which landed with the aid of a parachute and air bags, this one is going to be lowered down on ...

Malcolm Gladwell talks about scientific discovery in biotech

Malcolm Gladwell spoke last night at this event (Daily coverage is here) about the role of serendipity in drug discovery, focusing on the story of Synta, a biotech company in Boston. The story was later published in his New Yorker column here.

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Lick Observatory


Lick Observatory, pictured above, is situated in the mountains east of San Jose, and when it was constructed in 1887 it was the world's largest refracting telescope (a title it held for about 10 years).  Its benefactor, James Lick, made his fortune buying up real estate during the California ...